Top 10 Texas Rangers Prospects 12/27/11

The Top 10 Texas Rangers Prospects:

Jurickson Profar at the MLB Futures game this year in Arizona.

1. Jurickson Profar, 18 yrs old, Shortstop, High A and AA.

E.T.A. 2014, Elite fielder, shoots gaps with the bat, very fast, unlimited potential.

2. Martin Perez, 20 yrs old, LHP, AAA.

E.T.A. 2013, Tremendous upside, above average fastball, plus change-up, struggles with control.

3. Leonys Martin, 23 yrs old, CF, AA and AAA.

E.T.A. 2012, Cuban defector, plus range, plus speed, good bat, needs base-running work.

/Hot\ 4. Mike Olt, 23 yrs old, Third Base, AA.

E.T.A. 2013, Exploded in Arizona Fall League, premier fielding skills, plus power, average approach.

5. Neil Ramirez, 22 yrs old, RHP, AAA.

E.T.A. 2013, Strikeout stuff, small fatigue concern, mid-90s FB, good control.

6. Robbie Ross, 22 yrs old, LHP, AA and AAA.

E.T.A. 2013, Heavy low-90s FB with late life, average Slider with late tilt, plus control.

7. David Perez, 20 yrs old, RHP, Single A.

E.T.A. 2014, Large frame, huge potential, Ubaldo Jimenez comparisons, needs to grow into frame.

\Down/8. Tanner Scheppers, 24 yrs old, RHP, AA and AAA.

E.T.A. 2012, Injury concerns, Inconsistent, hard/jumping FB in Mid to upper-90s.

/On Fire\ 9. Cody Buckel, 19 yrs old, RHP, Single A.

E.T.A. 2015, Lincecum comparison, tremendous upside, great control.

10. Jake Skole, 19 yrs old, OF, High A.

E.T.A. 2015, Pure athlete, bats left, throws right, average power, plus approach.


\Down/ Unranked. Michael Kirkman, 25 yrs old, LHP, AAA.

E.T.A. 2012, fringe FB that can reach 95-96, sweeping Slider, needs mechanic work.



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